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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Reed Pen 4th Century – The first citing of a pen dates back to the 4 th century BC with the Ancient Egyptian scribes who would write hieroglyphics on papyrus. Their Inflexible nibs became blunt quite quickly. The Feather Quill 9 th Century — they offered a softer and sharper nib than the reed, and looked utterly fabulous! The feather quill pen, made from goose, swan and turkey, was the most popular writing instrument from the 9 th century up until the 19 th It was especially popular during the middle ages because they worked well with parchment. The First Fountain Pen?

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This is a Parker 51 Aerometric with a frosted finish Lustraloy cap in Blue c. Between these stampings on each side is a 51 logo stamping. The cap is tapered more than earlier caps, similar to the Parker This is a Parker 51 Aerometric Demi Signet in Black with the converging lines pattern gold filled cap date coded Parker stopped dating pens at some point in the s. A throw back photo from of a cool fantasy

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Metal nib was made of copper and bronze while today it is made of steel. It has a slit that leads the ink from a vent hole to the paper and works by a combination of gravity and capillary action. Handle can be made of plastic, metal, glass and even bone. Dip pen is used for writing and drawing and it does not have its own reservoir for ink. Dip pen is dipped in an ink bottle or inkwell action from which it got the name so it could be used.

Some people, on the other hand, fill the dip pen with eyedropper or a syringe. Metal nibs date from Ancient Egypt and a copper nib was found in the ruins of Pompei dating from the year These nibs could not replace reed pens and quills later because of their poor quality. The Times from advertised ‘New invented’ metal pens. A metal pen point was patented in but nothing came out of it.

Bryan Donkin tried to sell his patent for the manufacture of metal pens in but no one bought it. When the patent expired, in , John Mitchell of Birmingham started to mass-produce steel pen nibs and their popularity took off. After all, they were better that quills that were used at the time and for centuries.

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The nib is an elegant answer to a question of aesthetics and function. It has a characteristic shape that, with a few notable exceptions, has remained very much unchanged for one hundred years. In an effort to recognize a common language about pen nibs, I have given this article over to examining the nib’s anatomy.

While the earliest record of a fountain-like pen dates from the 10th century, Early fountain pen nibs were fashioned from gold due to the.

A nib is the part of a quill , dip pen , fountain pen , or stylus which comes into contact with the writing surface in order to deposit ink. Different types of nibs vary in their purpose, shape and size, as well as the material from which they are made. The quill replaced the reed pen across Europe by the Early Middle Ages and remained the main writing tool of the West for nearly a thousand years until the 17th century.

Quills are fashioned by cutting a nib into the end of a feather obtained from a fairly large bird, such as a goose , traditionally from its left wing. A quill has the advantage of being more durable and more flexible than a reed pen, and it can also retain ink in the hollow shaft of the feather , known as the calamus, allowing more writing time between ink dippings. The quill was in common use until the early 19th century and the advent of the metal nib.

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A fantastic collection of Parker “75” prototypes. B y the Parker 75 range included: This pen was made in plain silver with broad “stripes” for “Habitual but well-intentioned forgetters of birthdays and anniversaries” with room to “Engrave this magnificent pen with a record of the important events in your life And in the same year the two Keepsakes were discontinued. Today they are so extremely rare, especially the solid gold pen, that collectors do not even know them well enough to collect them.

Kenneth Parker used to carry his in his pocket.

The Reed Pen (4th Century) – The first citing of a pen dates back to the 4thcentury More than half the steel-nib pens manufactured in the world were made in.

I have two prewar Sailor nibs that seem to be in a different format. They seem to be aa. If you would like, I can send you a mail with pictures. Thanks for the information, Melainession. I would certainly love to see those nibs. There is never enough information on how to date pens in general. Cheers, BT. Post a Comment Your comments are welcome and appreciated. Sailor Nibs. Some time ago I published several texts with information on how to date Platinum and Pilot pens.

Sailor also has its own dating systems for nibs and pen bodies, but they are less obvious than those of the rival brands.

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The present invention relates to a nib changing apparatus for a fountain pen and, more particularly, to an apparatus which can also provide packaging for a fountain pen nib. Nibs for fountain pens are often packaged in tubes or other similar containers and obviously have to be removed from the container before they can be inserted in a fountain pen. Unfortunately, this is often a somewhat messy operation as the nib which is being replaced usually contains ink and, since it has to be grasped by the operator, usually therefore leaves ink on the fingers of the operator.

The present invention is aimed at providing apparatus which renders the operation considerably less messy and which can also be used to provide packaging for a new nib and for a nib which has been replaced.

DATE: c. • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: fine semiflex • $ Parker black ringtop button-filler, cm long, gold filled trim, wide cap band, crisp.

Return to Parker. For those of us concerned with when a pen was made, Parker is the sweetest of all makers, in that many of their pen actually have a date printed right on them. Not only the year, but which quarter of the year, will appear, giving a very clear sense of just how old the pen is. While modern Parkers that follow this practice mark only the barrel or cap of the pen, vintage pens generally have a code on the barrel and on the point.

One generally takes the barrel as definitive of the age of the pen as a unit, since caps, barrels and blind caps were usually all made together, and swapping tends to show. This does not mean that a point whose date code does not agree with the barrel is necessarily a replacement. An other thing to not get too concerned about is finding a pen has lost its code. Modern pens are much more likely to present their codes, but their codes are less easily understood.

Parker began applying date codes in From then until , the codes took the form of a pair of digits; the first indicating which quarter and the second the year.

A Look at Fine & Flexible Nibs

In , the newly organized Eversharp Pen Company engaged industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss to create an all-new pen design. Dreyfuss drew heavily from prior works, especially the streamlined New York Central Railroad locomotive, the Twentieth Century Limited. The new Skyline pen, introduced in , was a dramatic shift away from the Art Deco designs Wahl Eversharp relied on in the s, and a leap forward into the streamlined and aviation inspired designs that we fast coming in vogue.

The new pen line proved to be a huge success, with over eleven million Skylines sold from through , making it the largest selling pen of the early s and the largest seller ever for Eversharp.

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Establishing criteria for individual nibs is a highly subjective matter. Simply put, what pressure is required with the nib in the holder to make a line of desired thickness? For writers with a light touch, a nib with good flexibility is needed. Those with a heavy hand would prefer a stiffer pen to achieve similar lines. The reader has to decide where he or she falls.

The type of script one writes is also of paramount importance. Copperplate writers might seek a less flexible point that provides a good, even shade. Anyone who engages in business penmanship will probably find pens discussed here unsuitable for their work. They are too flexible and will likely shade a letter on the downstroke whether the writer wants it or not. These pens provide a good benchmark through which we can evaluate other nibs manufactured past and present.

Understanding your writing style and heaviness of hand is key to finding the best nib for the job. Granted, the most desired vintage nibs are difficult, if not impossible, to find and very expensive when they do turn up. Unless one gets lucky in antique stores or at a flea market I have been very lucky in both.

There are some good nibs made today to suit any script writer.

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This message does not relate to item valuation or trading. The steel nibs are attached to cards by 2 rows of entwined cotton cord. Reverse sides of cards have some hand written marks. Manufacturer; William Mitchell, Birmingham, England. Card issued by British Pens Ltd.

In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn’t.

After founding Parker Pens in , Parker patented the first fountain pen. DATE: c. Check for an “H” in a rectangle that’s stamped on the pen, in much older pens that are overlayed in gold. Site devoted to the Parker pens history and timeline. This is in nice condition for the age. Some plating wear, a couple of shallow bumps to the crown.

The Parker 51 is still of interest to collectors because of the way it is engineered. On the other hand, it dries rapidly, reducing accidental smudging. Which model is my pen?

Vintage William Mtichell’s Drafstman No 603 Dip Pen Nib

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This is the easy and well known part—the date code present on most Pilot On these cases, nib’s and the pen’s dates are one and the same.

For most people, writing entails putting pen to paper – with little thought of the pen’s mechanism. But for connoisseurs of writing instruments, there is nothing more important than a tiny and often overlooked feature of the pen – the nib. A search online will bring up thousands of pages and forums dedicated to discussing nibs, with their shape, style and size debated endlessly. Mr Axel Nier’s life work has been written by the nib – at least over the past 25 years he has spent as a fountain pen and nib expert at German luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc, which specialises in luxury writing instruments, jewellery and leather goods.

The year-old studied tool-making in a specialised school in Hamburg, Germany, and says it took him over a decade to perfect the art of designing and handcrafting nibs at Montblanc. For Montblanc pens, which are known for their trademark star logo and or karat gold nibs, the technicalities of handwriting are constantly being analysed, so as to create writing instruments that offer a constant flow of ink which does not fade or smudge.

Besides some of its best-selling ranges such as the Meisterstuck, the brand also creates limited-edition High Artistry pieces every year, which are shown to selected VIPs at private viewings. Pens in this range are often created in collaboration with artists and are handcrafted with premium metals and gemstones, so each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. With such precision at the heart of its products, it is no surprise that the company set up a department for creating personalised nibs nine years ago.

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What services do you offer at a show? Obviously we cannot do everything at a show as we only have room for so much equipment. Bent nibs are one thing that we avoid at shows as they are so time consuming. A particularly difficult nib could end up taking up too much time and we like to work with as many people as possible.

Thermoplastic synthetic resin pen nib is disclosed, which may suitably be employed in writing instruments for fine lettering or for drawing fine lines. The pen nib.

Date codes 2. Nib codes 3. Hallmarks and other markings 4. Condition codes 5. Abbreviation codes. In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off with use. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one denoting the quarter of production, the second denoting the production year.

Hence a “47” marking on a ‘s pen indicate that the pen was produced in the fourth quarter of , not , which is a common misconception. In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time, and a new date code, using a system of dots, was adopted. The stamp initially had three dots and for each quarter one dot was filed down leaving none for the fourth quarter.

Since production was overlapping examples exist with either the imprint 28 or. Also, since this coding system extended over a decade, a pen marked 38 could be produced the third quarter either in or In a new system for the date coding was introduced where the two digits only indicated the year, not the quarter hence “50” means made in , this system was used in the US until and in Canada a few years longer..

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