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Sofia the First is an American computer-animated television series that incorporates characters from the Disney Princess franchise. On April 14, , the series was renewed for a fourth season by Disney Junior , which released on April 28, The series finale aired on September 8, The pilot movie introduces Sofia, the daughter of a shoe-shop owner named Miranda. Both of them have been living happily together in the kingdom of Enchancia for as long as Sofia can remember. On a fateful day, her and her mother are called to the castle to help King Roland II for a shoe fitting, who soon marries her mother, crowning her Enchancia’s new Queen and Sofia as its new princess. With the help of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Walt Disney ‘s Sleeping Beauty , now headmistresses at a school for royalty known as Royal Preparatory Academy, Sofia tries to adjust to royal life. She is also gifted a beautiful purple amulet as a welcoming gift, soon realising that it is in fact the power of the Amulet of Avalor that grants her magical powers, such as the ability to talk to and understand animals. However, this amulet is coveted by the kingdom’s royal sorcerer Cedric, who wants to use its power to take over Enchancia.

Castle Fanfiction: Rebel Becks Is A Punk Rocker (One Shot)

What was the origin of his evil? How could such a thing have happened? A few years ago, I wrote an article for CrimeMagazine.

Castle and Beckett have to share their weekend getaway with the rest no idea that you two are dating and you have to keep it a secret while.

He got the call a little after midnight. He must have fallen asleep not long before and it took a few missed rings of his cell to realize it was not part of his dream. Pulled back into reality he reached for it and noticed the caller ID was from the Old Haunt. Castle, so sorry to wake you but, your friend is here. Kate, and she, well, she’s drunk,” Brian the bartender said, “I think I should cut her off. I thought you’d want to know. Confusion wrinkling his brow as he replied, “Thanks Brian, I’ll be right over,” and disconnected the call.

What was Beckett doing at his bar drunk and apparently alone? This was not like her, not at all.

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Title: Seven Kisses, Chapter 3. Summary: “But it doesn’t end because he kisses her. It doesn’t end with a tiny smile and wishes barely stirring the air between them.

Oneshot very similar to Die For, Castle reunites with Its just occurred, she actively for nothing. castle and beckett fanfiction dating Book tour and competitive with him Castle finally showing a secret, including Esposito to Kate, who did funny.

It happens on a Saturday in the middle of November and, at first, all he notices is that it is cold in his bedroom. The wind rattles the world outside, seeping through the gaps along the windows and under the doors to bring the chill inside. Like he had been playing in the dirt in the middle of the night. When he shows his mother later that morning, she just smiles and presses a wet kiss to his forehead. Not content with that answer, Richard Rodgers swipes the affection from his skin and demands to know more.

Congratulations, kiddo, your Soul Match has arrived in the world. For a moment, he considers the possibility that his mother is pulling his leg, playing a trick on him to get back at him for using her favorite bubble bath as dish soap, but there is only gentle humor in her eyes. Only relief. Not everyone does, he knows. The next Monday after school, he goes to the library and gathers as many books about Soul Matching as his thin arms will hold.

He reads as many as he can before his mother comes to pick him up, checking out the rest and shoving them into his backpack. In the end, the entire idea makes a bit more sense. It takes him four hours to respond, most of which he spends freaking out.

castle fanfiction, castle/beckett – the simple secret of the plot.

The character is portrayed by Molly C. After her parents’ divorce when she was four, Alexis was raised by her father, Richard Castle , although this seems to have been what Alexis herself wanted also. Her mother, Meredith , often visited from L.

Castle and Beckett are secretly dating and these are the various times they almost get caught. Caskett Fluff. Rated: Fiction T – English.

And not wanting to bother her while she was showering, he was looking for it by himself: rummaging into her closet, through her clothes and other stuff. Even if he had already found said t-shirt, he kept going through the infinite array of induments Kate Beckett owned, recognizing some of those she wore at work, some other she used to wear around the house and even stuff he had never seen, like an old, tattered and definitely abused X-Men t-shirt turned into a tank top.

He smiled when he saw that poor thing, neglected nearly at the bottom of her closet, possibly forgotten. It looked like it had survived the bombing of her apartment and the subsequent incursion of the fire fighters, but it was barely wearable and he was sure she kept it only as a keepsake. But there was something beneath it.

A plain cardboard box, almost hidden under a pile of old shirts, like the X-Men one, too brittle to wear. The first thing he noticed when he pulled it out of the closet was the weight: that box was heavy, and the reason for its weight was evident when he pulled the lid away.

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One off …. Can’t get the story out of my head so here it is and not sure where its gonna go but very loosely based on the promo ….. She was wearing a white satin night dress her long legs exposed. I wasn’t dating anyone before we started sleeping together, so I don’t need to date…” He responded annoyed that she was bringing this up again, “… to hide us. I was pissed off at you. Kate sighed, stepping closer to him and touching the collar of his shirt.

She knew he was just trying to help her keep the secret of their ” you could probably get a date with Ravenna, Castle,” Esposito was saying.

Right before Josh came into the picture, when all was swell in Castle -land. I got bored with the fact Hulu wouldn’t let me watch episodes past the last six, so decided to do a bit o’ fan fiction. If you recognize them, they belong to Andrew W. Otherwise, they’re mine. Most of its normal occupants had taken to the elevator to go home to their wives, their husbands, their families, and some: empty and lonely apartments.

The few who remained huddled before a whiteboard, passing a pair of pictures back and forth across their little circle. The trio of detectives and a shadowing writer spoke in a flurry of agitated discretion and inquisition. You’ve looked at every possible situation. It just isn’t adding up. The pair of photographs took a second trip around the room, passed from hand to hand. The first was a driver’s license photo of a young woman, about twenty-two years old.

The second was Polaroid of another young woman about the same age, her twin sister. They had gone missing four months earlier, the girls’ dead bodies found in a shipping container in the port. This case had taken up their entire lives for the last three weeks, without a single break in its monotonous sameness.

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On a Castle buzz at the moment, not sure how far I’ll take it but let me know what you all think. Enjoy :-D. The world stopped for Detective Beckett at that very moment.

Fanfiction. This takes place in season 4 of Castle when Kate is with Josh. It seems weird having Kate move in since we just started dating this morning, but she.

This is going to be a collection of one shots in which Castle and Beckett’s friends and family are going to find out about their hopefully future relationship in different ways. I’ll just be adding to it whenever I get a strike of inspiration of if I’m bored. Beckett woke to find herself sprawled across a very comfortable pillow that she liked to call Castle.

Said pillow was just as naked as she was and was staring down at her smiling with a glint in his eye. She fought the urge to fall back asleep as his fingers were combing themselves through her hair, massaging her head. Her arm that was wrapped around his waist tightened as she lifted her head to kiss him softly on the lips.

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They were lying in Lanie’s bed that morning, Esposito’s arm wrapped around her as she slept. He was awake, balancing his elbow on one of her pillows. He liked to pretend that he was tough enough to not get too sentimental, that he was really just in it for the sex, but he really did like watching her sleep. Her dark hair had floated in front of her face and it puffed away from her every time she exhaled.

Masterlist of “Castle” Fanfiction All can be found here: ​/Mindy35 Full adult Commitment: Beckett doesn’t want Castle dating other women. Before Midnight: Post-ep for “Secret Santa”.

Add a little rainbow action to your sunbathing this summer with these great reads! What it’s about: Following up on her magical debut, Bashardoust somehow manages to level up even further with a fantastic bisexual fantasy based in Persian mythology, starring a princess named Soraya who’s cursed with a poison touch. What it’s about: The bestselling author of Wilder Girls returns with a twisted thriller about a lesbian named Margot who’s desperate for more family and a life beyond the tiny one she shares with her mother.

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What it’s about: Faith is your ordinary teen who’s fat, queer, an animal lover, a good friend, a TV fan, and, in slightly less ordinary terms, newly able to fly.

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In 8×04 when Kate is laying down on the couch in her office wearing her powder blue dress and blazer , she is menstruating which is why she is resting- to help with the cramps. Rick comes by and helps her feel better, despite their separation. Kate had dreams about their futures long before they got together. Around 4×20 Limey she catches a nasty flu which forces a miserable Castle to take care of her.

A Kate in another universe didn’t let Castle come back after he looked into her mom’s case. Now it’s years later and this Kate is the Captain of the 12th after Montgomery retired.

This is the Official Blog of the Castle Fanfic Writers Guild. friend, she allowed herself to be set up on a blind date and that’s when she met Rick Castle. My secret for writing a good fanfic now is – I have really good betas.

Castle and Beckett have been successfully dating for at least a month. It does not seem to be affecting the performance at the precinct. But that could be because they have not told another living soul. Not even Lanie Parrish knows of the secret relationship. Castle walked into the precinct like he always does and places a cup of steaming coffee on Beckett’s desk.

He sits in his chair next to the desk when he sees Beckett. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Castle. Beckett grabs a folder and whacks him on the head The boys walk up Esposito: What’s going on? Beckett: Castle envisioning me in bed? Ryan coughs up his coffee on Castle Castle: Hey! Esposito: Interesting thing going on here. Beckett: Not really just the usual Beckett smiles sinister way toward Castle.

Esposito: Anyways we have a case, murder on a train etc…etc… Beckett: Okay lets roll.

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